July 27th, 2015

Emily Keefe

(Emily Keefe – photo by Nicole Casperson)

This is where you will receive the most up-to-date info about our film FURTHER BACK SLIGHTLY.  I will be posting regularly about our post-production progress – as well as how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking as it relates to our film.  You can also follow us on Facebook.  Our official website will launch this Fall with more information about our fantastic cast and crew, the release of our official poster (and other great merch) and…possibly… a trailer!

Upcoming FBS shoot:

  •   Los Angeles: August 1st thru 4th
  •   Los Angeles to Milwaukee: August 4th thru 7th

A big shout out thank you to Tate Bunker and Derek Shreves for their very generous equipment packages!  We would definitely not be able to shoot this without their help and contribution!

Post-production is going very well!  Please feel free to contact me with questions!



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