2018! Here we go!

Hello friends,

We are getting closer!!  How close?  Well, not super close, but closer for sure.  There is still an incredible amount of audio to do and a few more production days needed in the spring, but we’re still on track for finishing this summer.  Right now I’m between semesters and can devote the majority of my days to the production/post production of our film.

We would like to thank some of the biggest sponsors of the film:

Imperial Flavors – Dang! That’s good

Transfer Pizzeria Café – Transfer Pizzeria Café

Tonic Tavern – Tonic Tavern

Tess Milwaukee, Fine Dining – Tess

Hairys Hair Bar – Hairys Hair Bar

O’ What a Day Cafe

The Clarke Hotel – The Clark Hotel

Here are a few photos from the shoot taken by Nicole Casperson, who, I have to say, was so fantastic to work with!

I’ve been watching long excerpts from a few of my favorite films this week… Downhill Racer, L’Avventura, 400 Blows, Two-Lane Blacktop, Breathless and Restless City. I have World on a Wire in my head for some reason, so I’ll probably check it out again sometime this weekend.   Also, I need to get out to see Lady Bird.  I hope it’s still in theaters.

World on a Wire trailer

Here’s a list of Criterion Collection films I’ve recently purchased: Breathless (new 2-disc special edition), Easy Rider, L’Avventura, World On A Wire, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Watership Down and Rumble Fish.

Stay tuned for more info!


Post Production Update 8.2.17

The summer is moving along too quickly, as usual.  It’s already August!  Post production on FBS is definitely taking a lot longer than I had hoped, but  I’m happy to tell you that it is going well.   I am steadily moving toward a film that we will all be very proud of and am certainly more interested in putting together the best film possible than I am rushing to get it out.  I know you are all excited to see the film and I am very excited to show this film to the world!

During the month of August I’ll be working to get as much editing and shooting done as I can before the fall semester begins.    The current schedule looks like we might have a rough cut of the film by late December, 2017 and a finished film by the summer of 2018!  Yeah that’s 3 years after we started, but it will be worth the wait!  I will try to be better at keeping you updated about the film.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!



We’re Back!

Hi All!

It’s been awhile. How’ve you been? I’m sorry for the long absence… Editing of FURTHER BACK SLIGHTLY is going very well, but we’re behind schedule, a bit. Back in October, I spent a week in the ICU – blood in my brain (not as fun as it sounds). It’s taken quite awhile for me to be able to sit at the editing station long enough to work on the film, but.. I’m back!  I’m good.  There’s a long post-production road ahead of me and I’m looking forward to every aspect of it.  More shooting to do, more audio to record, more writing to do!  I’ll be posting videos, stills and stories from the shoot, so please stay tuned.

I heard from Emily the other day.  I miss her!  

I’ve uploaded a short trailer: Trailer #1

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Photo by Nicole Casperson

Road Trip: A Search for a Payphone

Dubuque, Iowa
Dubuque, Iowa

What a week!

I closed a show in New Jersey Sunday night, blinked my eyes and I was in Los Angeles Monday morning, back in Evelyn’s shoes. It had only been a month since we parted ways, but I missed her a lot. I missed the whole crew. As soon as I saw Brian’s face at the airport, I immediately felt the film and the character’s energy again. It was pretty great.

It was my first time in LA, and I was only there for about 12 hours, but I saw a lot of it, let me tell you. What a whirlwind! We filmed in a house for the first few hours and then on Venice beach and drove all through the land. The only place I didn’t see is where they filmed Grease.

In short, we went from Los Angeles, to Las Vegas, to Ogden, Utah, to the salt flats, back across Utah, through Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, and then, finally, Wisconsin. As a girl from the east coast who hasn’t done much traveling, it was pretty awesome to see parts of the country so different from where I’m from. There is so much beauty in this country, and I feel so lucky that I got to see it and experience it, not only as myself, but through Evelyn as well.

This trip was really something special, especially as an actor. I experienced everything Evelyn experienced on her drive from Los Angeles to Milwaukee (minus the driving). Speaking of, Brian got about six hours of sleep in the four days we were on the road. I was amazed at his concentration during the final stretch of the trip. Even on 48 hours without sleep, the man doesn’t settle for less than the best.

Okay. Now.

Can we talk about pay phones for a sec?


So, Evelyn doesn’t own a phone. Naturally, on the road and even just out and about when she gets back to Milwaukee, she often resorts to a pay phone if all else fails. Last month, Brian had looked up pay phones in Milwaukee, found one online, and drove past it to see what the area looked like for one of the shoots – the pay phone was there. A few days later, we go to film the scene- the pay phone is gone. Idk. Whatever.

Cut to a few days later when we were shooting a scene with Evelyn and Helen and two pay phones just magically appeared. Idk. Whatever.

Cut to a few days ago in Dubuque, Iowa (lovely town by the way). We were looking to do another pay phone scene, and, passing by this city, Brian and I were SURE that there would be at least ONE pay phone. I mean, just one look at this place and something deep inside your soul tells you, surely, this town must have at least ONE pay phone.

It didn’t. There was a trolley that took you up and down a hill. But there wasn’t a pay phone. Idk. Whatever.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m starting a campaign for the installment of more pay phones world wide. Any support would be greatly appreciated.

Seriously though, playing Evelyn has been hands down the best experience in my life, and I’m not getting paid to say that. And Brian is honestly the best director I have ever worked with. He has a very strong, specific vision and never settles for anything just “good enough.” He is so willing to collaborate and engage in a great dialogue with the actors. (I might be getting paid to say that).

Anyway. I hope that when the film is released, everyone who sees it has as much fun watching Evelyn through her journey as I did playing her. I can’t wait!

Good talk.


P.S. Shout out to Esther for the shepherd’s pie. Dang, that’s good.

Los Angeles

A few long days prepping for the shoot and we’re all set for Los Angeles!   I can finally rest a little before picking Emily up from LAX in the morning.  Emily’s coming straight from a live theatre show on the other side of the country (NJ), so she might be a little tired …last show was today!    We’ll be shooting all day in LA, then we’re off to Utah for a few scenes, then heading to Milwaukee for even more scenes.   Big thanks to Andy and Sandra Wu for letting us use their home!


This is the High School from the movie Grease!  It’s very close to where we will be shooting tomorrow.   Sadly, it’s rundown.   Since taking this photo, I’ve had songs from the movie playing in my head!  13000 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA

July 27th, 2015

Emily Keefe

(Emily Keefe – photo by Nicole Casperson)

This is where you will receive the most up-to-date info about our film FURTHER BACK SLIGHTLY.  I will be posting regularly about our post-production progress – as well as how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking as it relates to our film.  You can also follow us on Facebook.  Our official website will launch this Fall with more information about our fantastic cast and crew, the release of our official poster (and other great merch) and…possibly… a trailer!

Upcoming FBS shoot:

  •   Los Angeles: August 1st thru 4th
  •   Los Angeles to Milwaukee: August 4th thru 7th

A big shout out thank you to Tate Bunker and Derek Shreves for their very generous equipment packages!  We would definitely not be able to shoot this without their help and contribution!

Post-production is going very well!  Please feel free to contact me with questions!


21 year old Evelyn returns to Milwaukee after an extremely difficult and lonely three years in Los Angeles.